about me.

Hi! I’m Lale.

(It’s pronounced Lah-le, and it means “tulip” in Turkish and Persian.)

I travel a lot (sometimes for work and pleasure, sometimes just for pleasure). I have super-awesome friends, seriously, they’re the best. When I’m bored, I make up stuff. Usually that makes life (even) more fun. I am also a spaceship consultant! It is my goal in life to try out as many things as possible – do all the things, see all the places, try all the food, meet all the people. I have a bucket list of bucket lists, and it’s scary long!

I live in Berlin and Vancouver Island with my Canadian boyfriend and at least two imaginary cats and maybe an imaginary cockatoo. Cockatoos are super amazing, and cats are the best (as you well know). But I try to move around the planet as much as possible.


Oh, and I work in IT.

My life is a strange, interesting adventure. Sometimes A lot of times weird things happen to me. Sometimes I draw a little comic when they do. So the things in the comics mostly really happened, unless they’re embarrassing, then I obviously just made them up (at least until you can prove otherwise).

I’m always happy to hear from people! If we haven’t met, the easiest way for you to get in touch with me is through leaving a comment on this page. I’m looking forward to it.